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Studies in Studio Course

The 'Studies in Studio' course was a curriculum that I ideated, scripted, produced, and launched to upskill the GoDaddy Social team of 75 content creators in new internal tooling and workflows. The core curriculum ran from June 2022 to March 2023. Addendums to the core curricula were launched on a monthly basis from March to November 2023 under the moniker 'Studio Snacks.'

Canvas Size Tool
Text Tool

101 Course


Navigating Studio 

UI overview, Undo, Redo

Background tool

Layers tool

Visual Hierarchy 

Image tool

Text tool

Intro to Typography

Alignment tool

Font Size tool

Font Selection tool

Caps tool

Intro to Color Theory

Eyedropper tool

Pin project colors tool

Color picker tool

Intro to Photo editing in Studio

Crop tool

Canvas Size tool

Intro to Templates

Intro to Templates tool

Palette Tool
Line Height Tool

201 Course


Intermediate Typography

Line Height tool

Letter Spacing tool

Rotation tool

Advanced Color Theory

Palette tool

Using New Tooling

Graphic tool

Shape tool

Curve Tool
Shadow Tool

301 Course


Advanced Typography

Curve tool

Alignment: Justified Text tool

Shadow tool

Advanced UI

House Design Elements action

Advanced Photo Editing

Adjust tool

Blend tool

Filters tool

Mask tool

Opacity tool

Remove tool

Tint tool

Pages Tool
Blur Tool

401 Course


Expert Tools

Corners tool
Borders tool
Stylized drop-shadow tool

Pages tool

Blur tool​

Intro to 501 Course

501 Course


Using Visual Styles to Navigate Studio

Intro to 501 Course

Overview of Visual Styles

Uploading Custom Fonts action

Graphics and Visual Styles

Templates and Visual Styles 

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