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Claire De Pree

is a non-binary artist based in DC

my high school art teacher once told me that i would ‘never be an artist’ because i refused to follow her shading technique— and as we all know, rule breakers have no place in the art world!

almost a decade later, i continue to make art and break rules. my current series gender stuff explores southern queerness, both personally and thematically. curious to learn more?


Selected Clients

35 illustrations for Astronomical Mindfulness, 2021

Custom tattoo for Olivia, 2021

Custom tattoo for Hannah, 2021

Custom tattoo for Eliza, 2020

Custom tattoo for Mary, 2020

ATLA Law: 2019 & 2020 Convention Logo

Web Design for Gándara & González Law

Logo for for 2018 SCDGA Conference


Works in Progress

gender stuff


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